Am I Just a Cheerleader?

04 Aug

I read an interesting post on a blog that I follow faithfully: Connected Principals where a network of administrators post their thoughts about their schools – technology use included.  It has been an inspiring group of people to follow and today’s post really got me thinking:  Have Patience…We All Arrive at Different Times by Patrick Larkin.  He ponders about whether we who are passionate about technology, and in this particular instance, social media, are really making a difference in our schools.

Good question!

I have also been following 2 Twitter groups #edchat and #edtech where a constant stream of tweets is available for resources and ideas – but what do I do with all of that information?  I tell others what I have learned, but is that enough?  Larkin says that being “just” a cheerleader is OK – at least I am getting the conversations started.  But that’s not enough for me.  I need to demonstrate in my daily work, how technology is making my job easier and more effective.  I need to be able to take what I learn from my Learning Networks ( I know you are out there!) and make it come alive so that my colleagues say, “wow, did you see how she used that tool to her advantage?”  followed by, “we need to do that more often!”

So, I guess passion is a start:  Larkin included this quote in his post:


Taking my courses from the UBC MET program has really helped me get better at doing what I love – using technology to make what I do fun, engaging and connected to a ever-increasing number of people just like me. So my blog is here to stay…and my connections with my fellow learners are as well.

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