Taking Great Care

08 Aug

I spent a good part of the day today composing a job posting for an e-Learning Contact (eLC) for our board thanks to some funding provided by the Ministry to move us along in our efforts for elearning and blended learning.  The initiative will over a 3-year period expand blended learning from K-12 and students will be accessing the D2L platform for their online learning.

So, my challenge is in the right description of the skills, experience, and expectations for this position.  This teacher needs to have strong computer skills yes, but more importantly, a strong understanding of how the digital resources and tools will make a difference for student learning.  I want so much to avoid someone who is dazzled by the bells and whistles, someone who can rattle off all kinds of 2.0 applications, and fancy equipment that they have in their arsenal…No, I want someone who gets it – that there is a time when technology can really help a student learn and then there are times when it actually impedes it. 

So, I will need to carefully word the posting in such a way that it is obvious that I am not interested in how many apps they have on their smartphones, or how many friends they have on FB, but on how well they understand how kids learn and where the digital world fits into that.  On top of that, this teacher will be supporting the blended learning teachers who will come from both elementary and secondary schools – not everyone can span the 2 panels easily.

This is my chance to really move us forward…keeping my fingers crossed.

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