Go Wide or Deep?

09 Sep

Here is the classic dilemma:  What do you do when:

  • you KNOW from research that we need to go deeper with our PD and initiatives (fewer and more in-depth with follow-up and consistency) than wider (let’s do it all, to everyone!)   BUT
  • you have a new initiative that can be expanded that is SO popular, everyone wants in – yet there are not enough dollars to do that
Our 2-year Blended Learning pilot project with elearning Ontario was a big hit with teachers and students – and the Ministry was impressed with our delivery model – loads of PD for teachers, a cross-panel emphasis, providing small pods of netbooks in the participating classrooms, using a wide range of online tools,  etc.
So now, the initiative is available to all boards, to all students and teachers, and the emails have poured in from principals and teachers pleading to get on board.  Hence my dilemma:
Do I continue with the existing classroom teachers, move them even further along in their understanding of effective use of technology, and add just a few more people that could be mentored by these veterans…..or do I say, hey, let’s go wide and add many many more classrooms – oh, sorry, no money for more netbooks though.
Either way, there are going to be disappointed people.  I definitely need to develop a well-thought-out plan that I can share widely so others can see the direction we are headed – to eventually have everyone (who want to of course) enjoying the online learning platform!
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