Where did September go?

10 Oct

As I enjoyed the outstanding weather this weekend and spent precious hours with my family on Thanksgiving day, I stepped back for a quiet moment and actually noticed that the leaves were falling fast and it really was October.  September was such a blur as I adjusted to another school year and sorted out the impact of the department shuffle in our office.  I can’t forget that it is already October 10!

So where are we by October 10?  In the midst of technology turmoil it seems.  We are moving forward at unprecedented speed with our expansion of the Blended Learning initiative.  We are blessed to have funding for a new elearning contact – without that support, who knows how we would be able to move forward?  So 32 teachers are descending to our office tomorrow to pick up the meagre number of netbooks available and learn how to access the LMS platform….very exciting day.  Challenge #1 will be setting up our research question and evidence-gathering process.

Then we have the after school math tutoring program called Homework Help…that rolled out in late September and now our job is to get the word out to all Grade 7-10 students…not an easy job.

Then we have to deal with our Network Access Control system that will allow us to be another board that allows students and teachers to bring in their own devices and don’t we all know the headaches that will follow that step?  Time to get our appropriate use policies firmly in place.

Let’s not forget too, my seventh MET course through UBC – right now I am immersed in an assignment due this weekend – market venture analysis – I chose Instructure’s Canvas open source LMS – for obvious reasons – with the focus on elearning and blended learning, I want to know about as many options as possible!

Whew…I wonder why I am finding the weeks flying by. Having my family around me this weekend was a blessing that allowed me to stop and smell the turkey.  Not to mention, deal with an errant raccoon in our back yard, a car that drove into the ditch across from our house, all just before we sat down to our feast.  Only in the country!  Who says life is slower and quieter here?

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