Nearing the end of an amazing trip

12 Jul

I’ve spent the last 3.5 years immersed fully in an online Masters program through UBC – Masters of Educational Technology – and what a trip this has been!  I wanted to do a Masters program of some kind for a few years but none of the Masters of Ed programs excited me – policy? no thanks admin?  no thanks either  curriculum? I was a curriculum consultant for 4 years!  So I was searching for something that would excite me – and technology always did. Got that from my dad I guess – he taught me how to fix things – cars, tractors, tools – my whole childhood and so I was always fascinated by technology.  As a 70 year old, he bought his first computer because he couldn’t stand being out of the loop – what a role model for me!

So I am now completing my last 2 courses and in 3 more weeks, I will be logging off the UBC VIsta site for the last time with very mixed feelings.  Happy to have my evenings and weekends back, but very sad to lose the incredible connections I have made – yes, in an online program.  Pooh pooh to all of you face-to-face advocates – this was an amazingly well designed program based on the most current constructivist learning theory.  And it worked!  I feel like I know my colleagues as well as if I was in the same room – perhaps even better than those who meet once a week in a huge lecture hall.  Try chatting every single night!  That’s how you get to know someone!

The final assignment for this graduating course was an ePortfolio.  Check it out if you want to learn more about the MET program at the University of British Columbia.


Now it is time to put my learning into practice – stay tuned for the application!

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