Reflecting on ETEC 532

29 Jul

As I consider my learning in 532: Technology in the Arts and Humanities, I find it difficult to isolate the knowledge and skills gained in this course from those I gained in the previous 8 courses I have completed.  Perhaps that is the goal.  The program courses are so networked, so interdependent and interrelated, that it is impossible for me to determine what is unique about this course over the others.  A Creative Commons image that depicts exactly what I am referring to is this:  (my thanks to  Michael Heiss for posting this in Flickr)


A network of learning resources, a network of colleagues, a network of course designers and instructors have surrounded me and yielded fruit.  I am about to end my journey in the MET program and can now move on more confidently than when I started.  I have a much better idea as to how to apply my learning in my daily work with schools in our district as we move ahead with our plans for BYOD and Blended Learning from K-12. Seeing firsthand the benefits of constructivism has been valuable.  The importance of networking with others has been proven to me over and over again.

One final resource that sums up my learning is in this video on Murmuration:  

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