About To Be Unplugged!

09 Aug

It is hard for me to imagine, after 3.5 years of intense online work in my Masters of Educational Technology with UBC, to be spending a few days completely offline – no cell, no internet, nothing!

Image:  Samuel M Livingston on Flickr


Where is this happening?  Northern Edge Algonquin.  Why am I going there?  To attend the second annual Unplug’d retreat and for two reasons:

  • to celebrate the completion of my Masters – a chance to reflect on what I have learned, synthesize the key learnings that I will take with me into my next year’s work
  • to “connect” f2f with those like-minded techies who I have been following for some time on Twitter, Google+, and even in my courses. People from all over the world in fact are descending on this retreat location to discuss the same interests as my own

We are also writing an e-book – imagine groups of tech-obsessed educators sitting together with paper and pencils in hand, sharing our thoughts about what we consider important in education in letters to be compiled eventually in an e-book.  So getting away from the distractions of the online world will be critical for its success.  Some outdoor fun and recreation will be a great boost as well.

So, the train is now taking me on the first leg of the journey – a reception in Toronto, followed by another long train ride north.  And a cheery “goodbye” to anything plugged in!

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