Where Do We Go From Here?

24 Sep

As a long time supporter of our current provincial government, I am bewildered beyond belief with the current situation we face.  Should I be proud of our OECTA federation in making a deal as an isolated unit?  Well, they are as they say, crazy like a fox….taking advantage of a government that was so desperate to save money (to pay for small size classes – which by the way, NO research supports as beneficial to learning!) and full day Kindergarten (which research DOES support!) that they gave away the farm in so many other ways.

To take away the choice to hire the best and the brightest is SO bizarre – we now have to hire based ONLY on seniority – and I am sorry occasional teachers, but there is a reason why some of you are being passed over in the hiring process!  Qualifications and skills MUST account for something!  Who in this world, cannot hire who they want besides administrators in education???  Truly bizarre…but kudos to the federation who identified the soft underbelly of this beast.

Even worse, because after all, we can now set the bar so high on TPAs for new hires, that we can toss out the dead wood even faster than before…but now, our students will suffer because of the change in how we do diagnostic assessment.  Who goes to the doctor and says, “I’m not feeling so good” only to hear the doc say, “hey, no tests are needed, let me take a wild guess as to what the problem is…”  How would we feel about that??  The learning “health” of our students is equally important.  How can we honestly say we know where our students are, what are their gaps, where should we address their needs through interventions and differentiation without diagnostic testing?  I would demand no less from my doctor, my car mechanic, my home repairman.  God knows, home schooling is looking better every day…

Venting is good for the soul I hear…..

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