Reflecting Forward, as well as Behind

04 Mar

Traveled a lot over the last few days and spending time on a plane when my TV monitor didn’t work provided a great chance to continue my reading of Professional Capital by Michael Fullen and Andy Hargreaves. They broughtme back to my MET days by referrinf to Schon’s coining of  Relecting In Practice and  Reflecting on Practice.   I hadn’t thought of this for some time, but returning to his work was perfect timing.  Reflecting while in the thick of things plus reflecting later, after the fact are key factors in improving one’s work.

I am going to be spending the next few days fine-tuning an Observation Tool to be used by our secondary teachers who will be visiting each others’ classrooms.  They have asked for some kind of framework to guide the visits and it occured to me that Schon’s 2 types of reflection are very appropriate.  Hargreaves reminds us that practice can make perfect only if reflection is include.  So now, off to create this new tool and I’ll be trying it on for size myself.

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