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Leading in the 21st Century

I just spent the last week holed up at Kings College in London Ontario for my Module B of my Supervisory Officers Qualification Program.  Why I am taking this qualification is another story for another post, but today I am writing about some of my thoughts about Leadership in these challenging times.  Not that other periods in education weren’t challenging – but somehow, things seem to be getting much more complicated.  Students are different than before, parents are different than before, and yes, teachers are very different now too.  Creating stability and at the sam etinnovation, in a time of great instability is a real challenge for leaders and I have been doing considerable reading and reflecting on that problem.


The book I am immersed in right now is Immunity to Change by Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey.  First question that I meet that I want to post somewhere on my wall in my office:  “What can I do to make my setting the most fertile ground in the world for the growth of talent?”  (pg. 11)  Next year brings many changes to our organizational structure as a result of some major downsizing, and so my team is now much larger as 2 teams merge into one – with one leader – that would be me!  They are already talented people for sure, but how can I ensure that innovation continues considering how much more they will be expected to take on?

So how do I move from self-authoring mind to self-transforming mind?  How to move from the role of manager/leader to leader/manager?  I need to keep reading, reflecting, and writing….


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