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Teaching Learning Skills

Every now and then I encounter a group of teachers who, by their depth of dedication and energy towards a goal, ignite a flame of optimism and hope for the future of education.  I met such a group of teachers at a recent regional superintendents curriculum meeting during which these inspiring teachers from London District Catholic School Board presented their work on teaching learning skills.  Their efforts were the result of an approved TLLP project, which funded their release time, and the materials they needed to complete the project.  They tackled the ongoing problem for teachers when it comes to teaching and assessing the learning skills that are such an important part of the Ontario report card.  Sure, we had a few rubrics out there for us, and the London Region MISA Professional Networking Committee created some worthwhile videos about how to deal with these somewhat abstract notions of learning skills and work habits – but teachers needed even more resources to address how to teach these skills across the grades.

So bravo to these teachers – I was so impressed with the caliber of the materials, I just had to write about them and applaud their use of social media to share the resources.  They used Google docs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Instagram.  Well done!  Check them out at

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