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Deep into 21st Century Learning

digging deepDigging very deeply as a matter of fact.

Peeling back the layers of learning that I had accumulated from my Masters of Educational Technology at UBC and applying them to this latest project that has absorbed me deeply.  I have the chance to apply so much of my learning into a venture we are calling, I.T.’s About Learning – a professional learning model for teachers that will combine online learning through modules about 21st Century learning with follow-up face-to-face sessions to consolidate their learning.

The focus is on pedagogy first, technology later.  Upping the tasks on Blooms and SAMR and ensuring that student learning is enhanced by technology, not distracted by it.  A team of skilled teachers (and those who want to learn much more) are meeting to design and create online learning modules using our D2L platform, luckily paid for by our Ministry of Ed.  Topics may include (Assessment with technology, Self-Advocacy, Learning for All, and of course, the 21st Century Learning skills). Teachers who participate in the writing, and those who complete the modules can enjoy the use of Chromebooks for their own use!

Our work is based on the goals and targets of our Board Strategic Plan and will ensure that this work stays on the front burner and continues into the future.  Looking forward to the challenge and the learning!

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