I am a System Administrator for a small Catholic school board in Ontario, who is responsible for secondary school programming and our Student Success, Learning to 18 initiative – I just so happen to be passionate about technology use and want to incorporate it effectively in the school environment. My earliest exposure to technology was definitely NOT in school, but in my previous life of running our family farm with my husband – the Ministry of Agriculture provided months of computer training for farmers (hmmm, didn’t happen for teachers…..) Once I started teaching, I completed my specialist in Computers in the Classroom additional qualifications, and my learning has not stopped since.

My struggles with technology in my schools is not unique – I hear the same frustrations and barriers everywhere I go…so how do we overcome them? By networking to find solutions and provide the impetus to take our passions back to our decision-makers who can move our teaching and learning into the 21st Century.

I hope you’ll join me in my quest for solutions..


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